The Most Comprehensive View Of Your Business On The Net

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There's a saying, "If you don't know your jewels, you'd better know your jeweler."

If you've cultivated a decent web presence, the metrics from that presence are both:

  • Spread throughout the web, and;
  • Displayed differently (if at all) by each respective source.

As such, getting the big picture becomes both daunting and, worse yet, non-standardized.  For example, your businesses' Facebook page may give excellent demographic information, but lack the conversion rate you're accustomed to seeing from Google Ad-Words. Throw in your merchant accounts, YouTube account, Instagram friends, Twitter followers, links, and a host more social-media-centric services, a blog or two, a mass mail campaign, and a few syndication platforms, and there's little to no chance you'll ever really be able to derive a meaningful sense of your businesses' true course.

Now, enter SumAll . SumAll aggregates metrics from, at present, 27 of the aforementioned sources and ties them directly to historical revenue.  Now comes the correlation, right? Wrong! SumAll's interactive web and mobile interfaces let you select the sources you wish to combine, correlates those figures over any time period with observed trends from the other content sources you provide, and delivers them via email or in real-time via SumAll's free app for Android & iPhone.

Now that's impressive!   Who would create such a wildly ambitious project? None other than the creator of SquareSpace, (our absolute favorite Web site solution). Oh, and did we mention SumAll is in beta and is absolutely free at the moment?

Give it a try