Google's Hummingbird Algorithm: Great content still wins!

Here it is, Nerds Limited's official take on Google's changes.  As usual, the cheaters will simply use any excuse to leverage what people don't want to take the time to understand.  The funny part of Google is understanding it means understanding the modern world: well worth the time.
Had to confirm my suspicions here, but here's the meat of it.

Image Credit:  NY times  

Image Credit: NY times 

  • Google hummingbird does change a lot about how Google returns results.
  • The part which is easily overlooked is what's changed and what hasn't.
  •  Google has changed the way they return results based on the person searching NOT the criteria for being indexed. That's how the change is both significant and the most obscenely impossible thing to cheat.
  • If Google can figure out why you're searching for something, they can optimize your top results.
  • Oh, and here's the clincher, Hummingbird has been implemented in Google search since August 30th, 2013.
    • As such, unless your page's hit count has gone to nothing since August 30th, the hummingbird algorithm is not going to affect you as long as you follow the simple rules of great content.
      • Is this a good way to address the issue for the most people?
      • Can you be clearer while citing your sources?
      • Are you using proper meta-tags on your Web site?
      • Most importantly: is your content great or are you just copying material from someone Else's Web site without giving proper credit?
There you go.  The rules haven't changed, and your page rank will vary depending on what Google thinks the individual person wants to see.