Kill Junk Snail Mail with your Smartphone!

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Rarely are we as excited about an app as we happen to be about Paper Karma. The beautiful piece of modern innovation wrecks the normal confines of the digital world and allows you to control something which has been annoying you decades before anyone had even heard of email: the constant junk mail you get in your normal physical mailbox. 

It takes a lot of ingenuity to really create an app we've never seen before.  We spend thousands of dollars every year to provide our clients with the best of the best iOS & Android Apps for any given task.  Here's the way Paper Karma works:

  1. Sign up for an account in the app (we use the LastPass Mobile App to generate a secure password for us)
  2. Touch 'Scan Mail'
  3. Shoot the piece of junk snail mail.  Don't use your camera's flash.  Focus on the part of the message which shows who send you the offending mail.  
  4. In our tests, we found it is best to not shoot the whole piece of mail, just the part with the sender and, if possible your name and address all in one frame.
  5. Next, copy your name & address verbatim from the junk mail.  If the mailer puts your name in all caps, use all caps, if your name appears on the same line as 'or current resident' follow suit. If 'current resident' appears below, do the same.  It is important that your exact contact information is delivered to the old-school spammers to ensure they have no wiggle room.
  6. This past part is critical! Once you've added a message, give Paper Karma a moment to think.  It should come back with the company it believes sent the message under the 'request status' menu.  Be sure you correct it if it is wrong! Paper Karma is only as good as your corrections to its guesses!
  7. Rejoice! It may take several weeks for you to stop getting junk mail from these people, but rest assured, it will work.
  8. In the interim, it is extremely refreshing to finally feel like you're doing something with those annoying catalogues, credit card offers, and coupon books which constantly plague your inbox and trash can alike.

Paper Karma can be accessed via the web. But is best when used on iOS or Android.  The links are below.  Love this? SHARE IT!

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