DeskConnect: From Mac to iPhone, iPad, or other Macs with Ease

If your phone, tablet, and laptop or desktop happen to be Macs, you know how frustrating it is to try to get things between them quickly.

Mavericks does a decent job via the Messages App but it is not perfect. Fortunately, there's DeskConnect  which can remedy the situation quickly and easily. Although we haven't a vetted it's security, no glaring omissions are evident on first glance. According to the company's website, traffic is encrypted over the public web and stored on its servers for 30 days. After which, it is automatically deleted. This is purely to reach devices which are not powered on or connected to that at the time of the transmission.

As always, never send anything you haven't personally encrypted over the public Internet which you can't afford to make public.

DeskConnect is completely free and, behind the scenes, appears to work with a refinement of OS X's native push framework and iCloud syncing.


The best single feature is the ability to set a keystroke and share from Safari & Chrome ( Firefox, our favorite isn't yet supported)

The desktop version of the application also allows you to optionally share the contents of the clipboard with a single keystroke. One thing that differentiates this application from others like it is the ability to selectively share share directly from the finder by dragging into DeskConnect's icon. You're then presented with the option to select some or all connected devices as share recipients.

Rarely are we impressed enough about an application right off the bat to compose an article about it but DeskConnect is an excellent exception.

OS X App Direct Link

iOS App Direct Link