Podcasting for Media Tossers

We have decided that the single best morsel of British Slang is the term 'tosser': so useful, so delicious? What does tossing have to do with podcasts? Well, most of us subscribe or at least dabble in Internet media (live, or podcasted) and most of that content is not consumed, or consumed inefficiently. When it spoils, we either toss it, or let it clutter our drives. Sound familiar? Read on!

Keeping podcasts current on any device is a pain!Nobody syncs their phone any more.

  • iThis (your Apple Device) hates gThat (your Android Phone) & won't talk to your MacBook or PC Desktop.
  • If I pause playback on my iPad and try to resume on my google phone, I'm out of luck.
  • iTunes(PC or Mac) is not as simple as it looks.
    • Even the fastest windows computer, iTunes is intolerably slow & still is as inflexible as on any Mac.
    • Possibly the worst part:
      • Podcasts take up space on our disks when I really only want them on my mobile devices.

After such a horrific summary, what can possibly be done to save this exclusively first-world problem?

Stitcher!  We had given up on the entire class of 'Sync-MEdia'  (our own term. Probably highly incorrect in programmer-speak) apps because they either crashed, didn't function at all, or NEVER stopped downloading stuff, getting in the way of my usual Android phone tasks.

For those with smart phones (iPhones, Android, BlackBerry, Palm), Android Tablets, or iPads, take a look at stitcher on iOS and Android.

Think of Stitcher as Steve Jobs' Baby delivered via Pandora's box.  That analogy is as bizarre as it is accurate.  Stitcher takes the RSS feeds from podcasts, LIVE feeds from Internet radio & TV, and mixes them according to your expressed preference (how much or often you consume what you say you like).  It stores A/V data intelligently according to your bandwidth constraints which can be overridden manually.  In our tests, it does an excellent job of never skipping while also not storing too much junk on your device.

How fast is fast enough when syncing media? Enter the Nerds Limited bathroom test.

The sync works between all devices so quickly that you can pause your iPad (WiFi) and resume on your google Android or iPhone (3G) for the amount of time required to go to the bathroom without spending an inefficient amount of time messing with the interface.  Once you're logged in with a free Stitcher account, it also works via their Web site with all of the above functionality.

NetFlix comes close to passing our bathroom test, but doesn't quite cut it.  Stitcher passes with flying colors!

A quick look at the press Stitcher has received from around the web tells us that we aren't the only ones who really like it.

@NerdsLimited we are very impressed by Stitcher.  Much of our daily research involves simplifying our client's daily tasks.  Do you live in the greater Albuquerque / Santa Fe area? Call or email Nerds Limitedtoday and see just how well we can painlessly integrate your devices in to your daily life!