Net Neutrality will take a lifetime to defend.

Net Neutrality will take a lifetime to defend.

By now, you've seen the headlines trumpeting the Internet's collective voice being heard as the FCC adopted the re-classification of Internet Service as a Title II common carrier, much like phone companies are now.  This is the very beginning of what will be a lifelong struggle for fans of a free and open Internet.  While we most wholeheartedly agree that the net, while being unregulated, has grown nicely, it goes without saying that Internet access in the United States is both slower and more expensive than much of the world.

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Better WiFi Without the Fuss

Here it is! The simplest way to extend wifi no matter how large your house happens to be! This configuration will work using your existing home wiring to let you place one or more AirPort Expresses throughout your house! (Note: the picture shows the older model of airport express because they're cheaper & more solidly constructed).

Parts needed:

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