Unlike a broken sink, you want to understand technology. Everything we do is based upon our passion for technology. Our skill is making the technology suit the person, not the other way around.



Information, like the Internet, is freely available to anyone who wants it.  That's why we never charge for phone time.  Call, TXT, or email Nerds Limited 24/7 and expect a rapid response.


From upgrades to your existing equipment, to building a state-of-the-art system on your dining room table, Nerds Limited can handle it all.  Start a list and find out for yourself!


Given its rapid pace, much of the most beneficial technology is stuff we spend hours every day researching.  Tell us what you know can be done more easily, we'll handle the rest.


Technology: the Internet, cell phones, computers, digital cameras, HDTV & recording... Nothing has been untouched by the information age.  Nerds Limited offers customized one-on-one training & group classes if you'd like to explore any facet of this amazing new frontier. 

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Here are a few pictures from some of the projects Nerds Limited has handled this year alone!