Where do I start?

Start by tapping on "Pilot Data" and filling out information regarding the pilot, which will include a Name, Phone Number, Insurance Policy Number, and E-mail. You can also take a picture of the Pilot, or select one from your camera roll. 

Once that is complete tap on "Save and Sign", this will allow the Pilot to sign their name. Finally tap "Accept and Save", this will save everything you have entered so far. You have now completed the first of of five sections to create a new release. Make your way down to the other four sections and fill out all the information you wish to provide regarding Location, Property Owner, and Witness. 

What information is required in order to create a release?

Pilot Name, Pilot Signature, Address, Property Owner Name, and Property Owner Signature are all required in order to create a release.

If you attempt to make a release and one of these fields is not filled in, you will get an alert prompting you to fill in the missing information.

When I go to make release I get an alert saying I am missing information, where I can fill in this information?

If the warning is "Missing Pilot Name" , go to Pilot Data, and fill in the Pilot Name.

If the warning is "Missing Pilot Signature", go to Pilot Data, select "Save and Sign" then have the Pilot sign, and save.

If the warning is "Missing Address" , go to Location Information, and fill in the address box.

If the warning is "Missing Property Owner Name" , go to Property Owner Information, and fill in the Property Owner Name.

If the warning is "Missing Property Owner Signature", go to Property Owner Information, select "Save and Sign" then have the Property Owner sign, and save.

What if my description, or addendum goes over the word limit?

Text will continue to allow entry for editing but, if printed, will run down off  the page and through the footer.

Why do you only allow  characters in the addendum?

Legal Flyer is designed for fast and easy property releases. If additional space is required for addendum, we suggest you include in the addendum field a note indicating additional pages.

For simplicity in the field if your property releases are elaborate we suggest you create these documents ahead of time.

Why is there no way to enter payment information on this release?

There are many forms of payment. Too many, in fact, for any streamlined document creation process. While payments are defined and addressed within the agreement itself, the agreement itself only states that adequate compensation has or will be received. The compensation itself is between you, and your property holder. If your payments are simple, simply add them to your addendums, if they are elaborate use the addendum space to make reference to additional documentation. 

Is Legal Flyer legally binding?

For legal questions or concerns, please consult an attorney.

When do i need to get a release?

Before the start of any drone related work on the property owner's property.

Can Legal Flyer be used in court?

There are many different kinds of contracts in many different situations if you find yourself in legal action sorrounding property rights, and property releases please consult an attorney.

What happens if my posted footage gets a takedown notice?

Consult an attorney.

I am a location scout for a production company. How can i use legal flyer to secure aerial videography rights ahead of time?

Legal Flyer allows you to fill in information, save it and continue editing at another time without losing any of the information you provided. If you wanted to get the Property Owner's permission ahead of time you could enter that information including signature, and complete the release at another time when the rest of the fields are filled out.

Can I get a Legal Flyer release notarized?

At this time Legal Flyer supports having a Witness in a release, but not notarization. 

Are signatures stored by Legal Flyer?

Signatures are only stored in the PDF's created by the application.

Can anyone see the information I enter into Legal Flyer?

No one can see, or in any way share the information you enter into Legal Flyer.

My property holder is afraid of drones, how can I put them at ease?

Legal Flyer is designed to minimize the concerns that comes with the use of drones by providing a streamlined way of getting permission to use drones at a certain location.

What if the laws change? 

Legal Flyer will continue to be updated to provide the best possible resource for creating property releases, if you have concerns regarding current laws in your area please consult an attorney. 

Check the FAA's website for the most up to date rules and regulations regarding drones https://www.faa.gov/uas/

Do you store any information in the Cloud?

At this time Legal Flyer does not.

I have a non-cellular iPad will Latitude/Longitude/Altitude show up in the location box?

Latitude/Longitude/Altitude will not be automatically displayed in the location box, however you can fill in this information manually if you are on a non cellular device.

How does Legal Flyer know the address where I am standing?

If allowed to access location services, Legal Flyer finds the users location, which it then displays in the appropriate boxes.

Can the property holder later change their mind after signing a release?

If a release has been created, the PDF cannot be edited, altered or modified in any way. 

How enforceable are agreements?

For legal concerns regarding the use of Legal Flyer, consult your attorney.

I've completed a release and found a mistake. Do I have to create a new release?

We have designed legal flyer to be exquisitely simple. To protect you, and everyone who signs Legal Flyer releases, PDF's can not be altered, edited, amended, or in any other way modified by Legal Flyer.

This security is by design. 

Pro tip: If any person's contact info is in your devices contact, simply press the blue plus button next to the empty field, select their name, and their information will be added automatically! If any of the contact info needs to be changed simply tap the field and edit whatever you wish.

Can Legal Flyer track my location?

Legal Flyer asks for your permission to have access to the location information you have currently stored allowed to be accessed on your device.  It does so purely between the time the location screen is entered and exited. It does not track your location, in any other way or during any other time. Moreover, your devices location is never sent out of your device (except if you choose to share it). 

If I delete a release, can i get it back?

Once a release has been deleted it can not be retrieved.

How can I use Legal Flyer to share PDF's I've created?

If you go to "Completed Releases" , click on a release, and select the button at the top right corner you'll get a selection of ways you can share the release with applications that are compatible with the device you are using.

I have a legal question about Legal Flyer, how can I ask you?

For any legal advice, questions, or concerns contact your attorney.

How do I print a release?

Open a release, click on the button at the top right corner which will give you a list of share options. Click on Print.

How do I open a release?

Click on "Completed Releases" and select the release you wish to view.

How do I share a release in messages?

Open a release, click on the button at the top right corner which will give you a list of share options. Click on Messages.

How do I E-mail a release?

Open a release, click on the button at the top right corner which will give you a list of share options. Click on Mail.

My device was stolen, can you get my releases back?

Legal Flyer does not make a copy of any information, including releases on your device so we cannot retrieve any releases on a stolen device. 

Do releases sync to iCloud?

Not at this time.

Is legal flyer available for the iPhone?

Not at this time.

Does Legal Flyer work with iOS 8?


Does Legal Flyer work with iOS 7?


Does Legal Flyer work on iPod Touch?


Will pictures taken be saved to the camera roll?

No, any pictures taken will not be saved to the camera roll, they will only be saved as part of the PDF if it is created.


What is the Release ID Number?

The Release ID Number is the running count of how many releases have been made on that particular device. It counts up every time you create a release, and does not count same number twice.

If I have legal flyer installed on two iPads, will the Release ID Number be unique on both?

Yes, the current version of legal flyer does not sync with iCloud we have designed the app to support this functionality and look forward to adding it in the future

How can i transfer releases between devices?
If you are transferring between two apple devices with iOS 7 or later turn on Bluetooth and WiFi. Next, the easiest way is airdrop. See "http://support.apple.com/kb/ht5887 " for more information on how to use AirDrop.

I love the legal flyer logo, can I use it for..... ?

Legal flyer and all affiliated art and design work are property of Copyright 2014 Nerds Limited, LLC and may not be used, modified, altered, rebroadcast, without prior written consent. The Legal Flyer logo is trademarked and its registry has been filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.  


Legal Flyer crashes when I .... can you fix it?


Use as much detail as possible
i.e are you able to replicate the crash on other devices?

I have a great idea for a change to Legal Flyer! How can send it to you?

Provide as much detail as possible