Managing a mobile home park is difficult. It requires constant communication between:

  • Members of Sales
  • Management
  • Ownership
  • Maintenance
  • Potential Customers

More people involved always means a higher chance of miscommunication.  In this case, miscommunication can waste precious walk in traffic & inquiring phone calls.  At some point it becomes critical to recognize just how much time your organization is spending to avoid a proper solution to a persistent problem.

ParkTraQ is a highly flexible database which can be used to track any outdoor facilities' important information. The difference is it is instant  and works on pretty much any device which runs google chrome, including: Android Tablets, iPads, the current iPod Touch, Android Phones, and, of course, Windows & Mac desktops & laptops.

ParkTraQ is designed to tell you what you need to know, when you need to know it.

Whether you're:

  • Sitting in the Park's office
  • Talking to a potential customer on the phone
  • Walking around the facility, trying to remember which sites require inspection prior to sale
Each ParkTraQ installation is customized for the facility it tracks.

Each ParkTraQ installation is customized for the facility it tracks.

ParkTraQ uses Google Maps, combined with a database customized for each, individual park where it is installed.  You choose what you'd like to track, show us your facility in google maps, and leave the magic to us! For example, Tierra West Estates chose to track:

  •  Site Number 
  •  Site SizeSingle or Double wide
  • Physical Occupancy - Is there a home on the site?
  • Economic Occupancy  - Generating RevenueVacant, or Occupied by an Employee
  •  Ownership- Owned by: the Community, a Dealer, or a Resident
  • Lot PricingStandard or Premium priced lot
  • StatusUsable (has necessary utilities) or Non-Usable (missing necessary utilities)
  • For Sale By Community - Is the home for sale by the park?  (Yes or No)
  • Plus a few marketing specific origin codes.