Is your system slowly losing steam? Computers aren’t like cars. Your system can be every bit as fast as it was the day you opened it. How you ask?

Both Windows and MacOS are imperfect operating systems. As you use them, they begin to slow for many reasons, the most common of which is malicious software. At Nerds Limited, we do NOT promise to remove all viruses from your system. Such a thing is not possible after your system has become infected.  Any tech who promises to remove all viruses is simply hoping you’ll take him at his word and call him repeatedly as your system becomes “re-infected” every 6 months.

The only way to eradicate all malicious software is to backup your data, format your hard disk, and reinstall the operating system from a known good source.  Next, we’ll reinstall your applications, get all needed windows or  Mac OS updates, and then selectively restore your files.  It takes slightly more time but is the only real fix to a compromised system.  While the process is happening, we’ll explain what we’re doing, why we’re doing it, how to prevent these infections in the future, and explain the differences between various Anti-Virus solutions.  Luckily, there are only two Anti-Virus applications which are worth mentioning.  The good news is 90% of the general public require the Anti-Virus application which is completely free!

Call or Txt Nerds Limited 24/7! If we’re with another client, please leave a voice mail and expect our response shortly. Phone time won’t cost you a dime and may very well save you from a never ending struggle with malicious software.

Recently, there was a fantastic article published in LifeHacker summarizing just a few of the various ways malicious software can attack a computer system.

What can I do you ask? Call Nerds Limited (505) 750-8885 to discuss your data’s current security level. For now, click here for quick instructions to enable HTTPS on your FaceBook Account.